What young people experience, dream and expect

How do young people think about the world? What are their dreams and plans for the future? What makes them happy? What scares them? What connects the young people of this world?

In order to find answers and to hear young people’s opinions on various topics, Norman Bücher embarks on a special journey. On each of the seven continents he runs on a selected route as a youth ambassador. The global run covers almost 20.000 kilometres, leads through 70 countries with talks and workshops in 700 youth organisations and thousands of conversations with young people.

Along the route he’s making various stops to talk to young people, visits schools and universities, clubs and other youth institutions. As a youth ambassador he carries the knowledge, opinions and views of the young people from village to village. From town to town. From country to country. From continent to continent. Around the world.

Through his run, he enables young people on all seven continents to be heard. The voices of the young people are collected, shared and passed on in several formats. The run is the medium and at the same time the connecting element.


Listening to young people and carrying their views into the world

  • Listening to the youth and getting to know their views
  • Gain unfiltered, individual insights into the thoughts and perspectives of young people
  • Giving the youth a public voice and being their mouthpiece
  • To illuminate the influence of different cultures on the desires and views of young people
  • Find out what expectations adults have of them
  • Creating visions for the future


Giving young people a voice

The microphone serves as an icon to give weight to the voice of the youth and to carry them out into the world. The microphone is used to collect, share and transmit the voices of young people. The aim is to strengthen the their words and give them more meaning.

Based on the Olympic torch, Norman runs with the microphone through the continents and in this way collects the voices of young people and carries them out into the world.