Norman Bücher

Adventurer, extreme runner, impulse generator

He is an extreme runner and a passionate speaker. As an adventurer he takes on extreme sporting challenges and conducts his own expeditions all over the world. For example, he crossed the Atacama Desert in Chile by foot, ran 265 kilometres non-stop through the Kingdom of Bhutan, passed the Australian Outback and ran 600 kilometres through the Gobi Desert by himself.

For more than ten years he has been working as a speaker and coach on the topics of success, motivation and personality. He passes on his years of experience in extreme sports combined with his knowledge of business management in talks, seminars and various books.

Further information (in German):

Norman’s Motivation

Adventure with sense

The future of our planet lies in the hands of children and young people. What and how they learn, their attitudes, values and fundamental convictions determine how they live as adults and what decisions they make. For example, how they understand and relate to nature, how they interact with each other, or how they think fundamentally about the world, has profound implications for our future and collective well-being. This is exactly where 7 CONTINENTS takes action.

7 CONTINENTS is not about higher, faster and further. For Norman, the idea of athletic performance has increasingly receded into the background in recent years. Running is a medium and vehicle to reach young people and to move and effect something in them.

I am convinced that with 7 CONTINENTS I can bring about a long-term positive change in awareness among thousands of young people and in order to make the world a better place.
– Norman Bücher

Norman Bücher also inspires companies and their employees in his exciting talks. For your company event with Norman Bücher, the Global Topspeaker agency advises you competently and friendly.